WCGRider and Sauce123 in HU Challenge

WCGRider and Sauce123 in HU Challenge

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

By Eve Goodman

In an announcement yesterday that saw flocks of railbirds go from zero to a slavering frenzy in approximately 1.5 seconds, Douglas ‘WCGRider’ Polk confirmed that he would be entering into a Heads-Up challenge with high-stakes warrior Ben ‘Sauce123’ Sulsky. What’s more, the challenge will carry a six-figure side bet.

The late-night Two Plus Two post by Polk was brief but unambiguous, as quoted in full below:

“I have been in contact with Ben, and we have decided that we will be looking to do a HUNL challenge with a six figure side bet. We will finish the entirety of the challenge by mid October. Stay tuned for details”.

The post received thousands of views overnight, with tons of excitable degens already discussing on whom they’d bet their cash on to win. With both players commanding a lot of respect in the swingy arena of the nosebleeds, at this point there is no clear favourite.

The two have definite history together, with Polk telling Quad Jacks in May this year that “I would rather play him [Sulsky] than Issac [‘luvtheWNBA’] Haxton”. He goes on to say of Sauce123 that “I still don’t really understand his game plan. He splits his ranges in ways that absolutely no one else does.”

Needless to say, some sick action will be guaranteed for poker fans when the two clash. High-stakes fans love a good challenge, and the announcement has come just at the right time, given the fact that there’s been something of a drought lately. Despite what seemed like some promising negotiations to recommence, the Durrrr Challenge between Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan and Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates seems to have come once again to a standstill. Though Jungleman has been vocal about his willingness to play, Durrrr’s continual evasiveness has been a point of frustration for many who want to see a resolution – thus the event of WCGRider vs. Sauce123 will definitely provide some much-needed entertainment for the poker world.

Polk hit the headlines recently, when he publically admitted to being the victim of a computer hacking. After losing $35k to an unknown online player going by the username ‘Forbidden536’ in what seemed like almost impossible circumstances, his suspicions were aroused. He contacted PokerStars, who duly investigated and returned with the conclusion that they were “sure beyond any reasonable doubt that ‘Forbidden536’ was able to see your hole cards whilst they were playing against you.”

The American pro was refunded the money he lost, but strongly suspected that the culprit must have been somebody who would have had access to his computer. As a result, he accused Joshua Tyler, a friend who had allegedly been alone in his home on multiple occasions, of installing an illegal program that would compromise his personal account security. Tyler has since come forward protesting his innocence, but the scandal continues to rock the high-stakes community.

Sulsky and Polk have not yet announced specific details of the challenge, such as the amount of what already promises to be a hefty side bet, and until then everyone will be waiting with bated breath. Poker may have come a long way since the days of Wild West-style gamblers, but the fact remains that people still love to see a high-octane one-on-one shoot-out – and this one looks like it certainly won’t disappoint.

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