VictoryPoker charity tournament at London Poker Festival

VictoryPoker charity tournament at London Poker Festival

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Another excellent event has been added to the calendar at this year's London Poker Festival. A special tournament hosted by Victory Poker will raise money for the Murry Foundation, a non-profit organisation which campaigns for the welfare of children and animals and the regeneration of ecosystems across the world.

The celebrity poker event will take place at the Fox Poker Club in Shaftesbury Avenue on 22nd September with a host of big name poker players and celebrities expected to attend. Dan Fleyshman, CEO of sponsor Victory Poker confirmed, “Athletes, models & poker celebrities such as Antonio Esfandiari and Phil "Unabomber" Laak will be on hand to raise money for the charity."

The organisation's latest project is Operation Congerilla; a bid to save some of the world’s last remaining Silverback gorillas, and the development of a school for children, many of whom were child soldiers in a country ravaged by civil war. Murry's other projects include land reclamation for endangered animals in South Africa and work at an AIDS orphanage.

Luke Trotman, Head Trustee of The Murry Foundation, explained, “As Head Trustee, I have travelled extensively with The Foundation which concerns itself with animal and child welfare and the regeneration of ecosystems.

“While many of the projects are not domestic, I believe that once you have witnessed the vulnerability and innocence trapped within such violence and instability it is impossible to ignore the reality that our help is needed outside our countries and familiar communities.”

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