Victoria Coren gives 10% of IFP winnings to charity

Victoria Coren gives 10% of IFP winnings to charity

Friday, 25 November 2011

There are plenty of reasons to admire Victoria Coren. She's won an EPT, penned one of the best poker books ever written and hosts the most fiendish quiz show on TV. She's gone up even further in our estimation after her runner up finish at the IFP World Championship last weekend, not for her performance at the table, impressive though it was, but for what she did with the money.

The PokerStars pro pocketed $100,000 for a second place finish at The Table and decided to give a tenth of it away to charity.

Coren Tweeted, “The 10% went to Age UK this morning, £6360 with love, on behalf of all us poker players who have no idea what our own future will be.” Sentiments with which we certainly agree.

Age UK provides older citizens with health and social care and tries to make sure older people have enough money for a secure and decent life. If you want to emulate Victoria and make a donation to this very worthwhile cause, visit

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