Verification Deal for PokerStars

Verification Deal for PokerStars

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

PokerStars has boosted its customer ID verification processes after reaching a deal with real time validation provider Jumio. The software, which is used to verify identity and age for both online and mobile devices, is already up and running in Italy and is expected to be rolled out worldwide over the next few months.

The Jumio NetverifyTM software will allow players at PokerStars to verify their identity by uploading their ID documents or via a computer webcam. The Netverify software will scan, authenticate and extract data from customer credentials such as passports, driving licences and ID cards.

“Jumio offers a new and unique approach in the identity verification market and we are pleased and excited to be working closely with them to help develop and deliver an innovative and exciting customer verification solution,” said Richard Bregazzi, PokerStars' Senior Verifications Manager. “PokerStars’ commitment to safety and security is second to none. This innovative new feature will allow us to provide better and faster service to our customers, while maintaining very high security standards.”

Bjorn Evers, Director at Jumio, added: “When an industry leader such as PokerStars selects Jumio to assist with its customer verification processes, it’s a great endorsement of Jumio’s new approach to the market. Our ID credentials validation service not only provides a great customer experience and helps identify underage players and cyber-criminals, but it also helps PokerStars manage the cost and the logistics required to manually verify customer identity documents.”

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