Veldhuis Calls Out Esfandiari

Veldhuis Calls Out Esfandiari

Monday, 12 January 2015

The somewhat strange history of poker players fighting against each other in organised prop bets continued on Saturday after it emerged that Lex Veldhuis would like to fight Antonio Esfandiari.

Despite the latter being one of the game's more affable pros, it seems as though Veldhuis, known online as RaSZi, doesn't like the former WSOP One Drop champion.

During a recent interview with PokerTube, the Dutch high stakes pro discussed his recent love of PLO and his desire to get back into training. A martial arts fan when he's not playing poker, Veldhuis is apparently looking to regain some of his fitness and, if the chance presented itself, get back into the ring and fight.

A few years ago RaSZi and ElkY famously fought each other in a kickboxing match as part of a prop bet. On that occasion Veldhuis walked away victorious after knocking out a tired ElkY with a head kick. However, since his partying got out of hand he feels he's lost some of his fighting form.

Fortunately, he doesn't seem to have lost his fighting spirit as he told PokerTube that he'd gladly fight Esfandiari or Hellmuth in the ring or cage. When pressed on why he'd like to fight Esfandiari (as it is pretty obvious why people would like to have a pop at Hellmuth), Veldhuis replied "I just don't like him".

Whether the two would ever get into an altercation is another thing. However, when there's big money involved, anything could happen.

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