Vanessa Selbst reaches second NAPT Mohegan Sun final table

Vanessa Selbst reaches second NAPT Mohegan Sun final table

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Vanessa Seidel, anyone? Young Ms. Selbst has managed an unprecedented feat on the North American Poker Tour as the PokerStars Pro has managed to make her second consecutive NAPT Mohegan Sun final, arriving in second place as she did last year. Oh, and last year she won it for $750,000.

This year the field size (387) is near half of the 2010 field that she defeated but that takes nothing away from the staggering achievement of making back-to-back final tables. If not for Selbst then the top story of the event would be Joe Tehan, NAPT LA 2010 champion and Big Event Bounty Shootout finalist who should according to Matt Savage be renamed Joe NAPTehan.

The final table chip counts are as follows:

Seat 1 – Joe Tehan 1.238m
Seat 2 – Thomas Hoglund Jr. 541k
Seat 3 – Dan Shak 1.571m
Seat 4 – Vincent Rubianes 1.711m
Seat 5 – Steve O’Dwyer 1.032m
Seat 6 – Tyler Kenney 3.021m
Seat 7 – Aaron Overton 373k
Seat 8 – Vanessa Selbst 2.249m

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