Vanessa Selbst leads last 24 at NAPT Mohegan Sun

Vanessa Selbst leads last 24 at NAPT Mohegan Sun

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Vanessa Selbst was Erik Seidel before Erik Seidel won all the tournaments. Last year her two major titles (the NAPT Mohegan Sun and the Partouche Poker Tour) plus a slew of cashes established her as one of the best tournament players around. Now that Seidel has had a great 2011 she’s not to be outdone.

Selbst is currently leading the final 24 players at the PokerStars NAPT Mohegan Sun and looks set to put up a fight to defend her title. With over 1.4m in chips at the end of Day 3 (she was Day 3 chip leader in 2010 as well) she has a great chance of becoming the first ever back-to-back PokerStars tour winner.

Nick Binger was the unfortunate bubble boy, eliminated in 57th place when his Q-Q was cracked by Adam Junglen’s AJ on the river. As the field shrank so did the contingent of PokerStars Pros with Big Event winner Victor Ramdin exiting in 31st place. With just a few players remaining until we wrapped up for the night Vincent Rubianes held the chip lead after winning a million-chip pot.

However, after he 3-bet an open from Olivier Busquet he found himself facing a 4-bet to 109,000 from Selbst on the button. Rubianes called and then called a bet on a Tc-5d-2c flop before checking a club turn and a club river. Selbst bet the pot on the river and turned over Kc-Ks when called for the second nut flush.

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Rubianes still has over a million in chips heading into Day 4 of the event and is well poised to make the final table of eight.

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