UltimateBet proud to complete rebranding

UltimateBet proud to complete rebranding

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

UltimateBet have completed a transformation, taking on the name and domain of UB.com, merging with AbsolutePoker to form the CEREUS network and now have released a series of updates.

"The launch of UB.com represents a turning point for our company. We have assembled a great group of professionals who are passionate about poker to build the UB brand. Our goal is to create products and services that poker players really want. We are trying to listen very carefully to both our players and the poker community to help us achieve this goal," said Tokwiro's chief operating officer, Paul Leggett.

"The launch of UB.com is not just a new domain with a different logo, it's much more than that. It's a complete new direction for UB. It's software built with the serious poker player in mind. It's a new television show that is truly about poker, not just another reality or game show. And finally, it's tournaments and promotions that poker players care about," he said.

The software now has improved navigation in the lobby and is described as more usable. Now the schedule has 30 guaranteed tournaments, synchronised breaks, a new blind structure and $1,000,000 guaranteed every month.

Some players may refuse to play at UB out of principle after the 2006 cheating scandal, but Bluff Europe reckons that it's all in the past now - under new management, there's no reason why UB can't be a fine site to play on. Fair play if the high-stakes regulars shy away though.

Join the new-look UB.com and join Hellmuth and the gang at the tables right away.

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