UltimateBet Documentary Set for Release

UltimateBet Documentary Set for Release

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

It will go down as one of the defining moments in the history of online poker, but despite a ton of detective work by the poker community we still don't know exactly what went on behind-the-scenes at UltimateBet.

Since the cheating scandal broke a number of affected players have had to endure half truths, cover ups and outright lies, but thanks to a forthcoming documentary things should hopefully become a lot clearer.

Having established himself as the leading investigator in the UltimateBet scandal Scott 'ElevenGrover' Bell has finally collated all his information into one documentary entitled 'Ultimatebeat - Too Much To Lose'.

The film was originally announced last year and after some help from Kickstarter and a group of well bankrolled poker players his research will now come to life on our screens.
Tracing the history of UltimateBet from its inception, the documentary aims to reveal the truth about the controversial company when it's released on October 22.

Initially the movie will be available for download via Doubleheadpictures.com and depending on its success there is the potential for a DVD release at a later date according to a recent press statement.

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