US police bust pensioner poker game

US police bust pensioner poker game

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Crime really mustn't be a problem in the US state of Idaho if all the cops have to worry about is a group of pensioners playing a bit of poker.

The Twin Falls Senior Center seems an unlikely place to be a hot bed of crime but Idaho Police took a very close interest in the activities of a group of pensioners who met there every week.

After receiving an anonymous tip, police raided the Senior Center poker game, a game that attracted around 20 pensioners who each bought in for $20. Police said that the game contradicted Idaho law that prohibits cash gambling in all forms, including this friendly game of poker. The group, which made regular donations to the Senior Center, was unaware that it was breaking any laws.

The pensioners involved have continued to play poker but without wagering any cash. One regular, 88-year-old Doris Williams told the Times-News newspaper, “(we've) been playing the legal way without money since the police visit but it isn't as much fun.”

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