US player drafts poker bill

US player drafts poker bill

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A poker player in the United States has drafted his own online poker legislation in an effort to help expedite the legal process.

According to a report from PokerFuse, poker aficionado Martin Shapiro has written his own legal guidelines to help make the legal debate over online poker more palatable for everyone.

So far, state and federal legislators in the United States have had a difficult time agreeing on the best way to reintroduce online poker into the country but Shapiro’s document has designed to give legislators a player’s perspective on the situation.

Combining player concerns and legal considerations, Shapiro believes his proposal could be easily passed in today’s climate.

“I thought it [is] time to come out with a bill that covers every issue, preserves all the protections and rights of players and sufficiently meets the needs of all the major vested interests in a compromise with which they can support,” said Shapiro.

At present the proposed Internet Wagering Citizens Protection Act is still a work in progress but interested parties can check it out here and provide Shapiro with feedback via 2+2 by posting their thoughts.

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