US high school condones extra-curricular poker

US high school condones extra-curricular poker

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

As anyone who doesn’t like football and went to a school in the UK knows; sport at school is pretty much just something that the unintelligent do for self-esteem. However, what if there was a sport or game that taught mathematics, psychology, logic a- oh, wait! I thought of one.

At George Mason High School in Virginia students are going in droves to the poker club run by maths teacher William Snyder. It is now one of the most popular after-school activities at the school which we don’t find all that surprising.

"We know the kids could play outside of school, but when they're here, we have the opportunity to show them how to play responsibly and to show them how the game relates to their education," school principal Tyrone Byrd said.

Obviously the naysayers and ignorant anti-gambling groups have come out of the woodwork to protest it but the students aren’t playing for real money and the educational value of the game is constantly stressed. In the words of student Dan Fletcher: “I don’t know whether math class is helping me with poker or whether poker is helping me with math class.”

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