US Sports Book’s Black Friday?

US Sports Book’s Black Friday?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

A similar swoop to the Black Friday shutdowns looks as though it may have happened in the online casino world yesterday after eight people were arrested. Among those arrested on charges of conspiracy, money laundering and enterprise corruption was Cantor Gaming’s Mike Colbert.

The news came to light after the Las Vegas Review-Journal published an article detailing the charges. A series of tweets then began to circulate, with Brian Balsbaugh writing: “Offshore/US Sportsbook world about to explode- not quite Black Friday but a huge impact. Rumours are flying in Vegas.”

At this time neither Colbert nor Cantor Gaming officials have commented on the arrest, but it seems that the US government are taking a stand against the online sports betting industry in much the same way they did with poker.

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