US Poker Player Cleared of Murder

US Poker Player Cleared of Murder

Friday, 5 June 2015

A Michigan man who shot and killed an intruder during a home game won't face criminal charges according to a recent court ruling.

The home game, which was taking place on March 11 wasn't for particularly high stakes; however, after Ramon Vasquez burst through the door with a mask and a gun, things quickly escalated.

After firing a shot, the poker player returned fire and killed Vasquez before his accomplices made off into the night.

The incident was soon investigated by police who arrested Jason McGowan and Christopher Talkington in connection with the attempted robbery before a judge ruled that the poker player's actions were "justifiable homicide."

According to reports from the local area, the incident is the latest in a string of home game robberies across the US. Although this one ended in favour of the poker players involved, other's haven't been so lucky and back in April a woman from Kentucky was shot dead after trying to defend herself.

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