US Online Poker Under Threat Again

US Online Poker Under Threat Again

Thursday, 5 February 2015

US online poker came under attack once again last night after Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz introduced a bill to outlaw the game at a federal level.

Chaffetz has long been a supporter of the anti-online poker efforts in the US and, with the backing of Sheldon Adelson, he has filed a piece of legislation that would implement RAWA (Restoration of America's Wire Act) across the country.

If successful, the law would create a blanket ban for online poker in the US and bring an end to regulated gaming in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware.

Despite a RAWA billing failing to pass through Congress during the lame-duck session in 2014, Chaffetz and his backers remain defiant. However, according to the PPA's Executive Director, John Pappas, the latest attempt to "rewrite history" should be dismissed immediately.

"Every Congress to consider Internet gaming legislation has preserved the right of states to protect its citizens through a system that is accountable to regulators and the government," said Pappas.

Also outlining their support for the online poker community was Campaign for Liberty. The political organization, which was founded by Congressman Ron Paul, aims to preserve the liberty of all Americans.

"Some in the GOP must think the American people are stupid. After successfully selling the American people on taking the United States in a new direction, members of the GOP think one of its first legislative priorities should be to limit economic freedom, impose top-down federal regulations, and expand the surveillance state," said C4L President John Tate.

Members of the online poker community have reacted with a sense of concern and disappointment that the issue of regulation has once again reared its ugly head. Although the chances of Chaffetz bill being passed are slim, industry insiders, such as NJ Casinos representative, Nick Wilby, are calling for players to remain positive but join the fight in any way they can.

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