The Last Level of Day 1a!

The Last Level of Day 1a!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A large crowd has gathered to watch the final minutes of the Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham event as they wait for the £100 FO side event to start (blinds 300 – 600, 75 ante)

It’s not surprising the crowd is watching because in this last level the chips have been flying across the table quicker then I can write the hands down. Everywhere you look people are pushing all in either to survive or just to pick up big hands.

Steve Marskell went all in with QQ vs Matt Wiggleswoth AQ. There were no nasty cards for Steve and he doubled up to 20K.

One unlucky man was Tony Stevenson, when he tangled with The Man With No Name (TMWNN), a little short stacked he pushed all in pre-flop for 12K behind TMWNN bet of 3K. TMWNN hesitated briefly and called turning over QJ (off suit) whilst Tony showed AK (off suit). The flop came:

9 T J

The turn was a K sealing his fate and making me wonder if TMWNN really does have a little government help.

Biggest pot of the night came courtesy of David Sidebottom and Hannah Batwick. The board was:

6 5 7

Both players checked, turn came:


Hannah bet out and David re-raised, Hannah re-raised him and David pushed all making an already large pot huge. Hannah quickly called showing AQ and looked gutted as David showed 89 (suited). Hannah embarrassedly asked for us not to report that hand.

Well I’ve just heard the call for the end of play so that means we are out of time as far as tonight is concerned but come back tomorrow and follow the exciting events of Day 1b.

Close but didn’t cross the finishing line:

123 Anthony Arlott

124 Wayne Smithson

125 Jeff Sharpe

126 Steve Jelinek

127 Gary Kelleher

128 Irina Liepina

129 Desmond Jonas

130 Christopher Blower

131 Jamie O'connor

132 David Cleeve

133 Tony Salmon

134 Richard Whiteley

135 George White

136 Craig Watson

137 Craig Walton

138 Charles Flynn

139 Jesus Lizano

140 Graham Richardson

141 Nicholas Crisp

142 Matthew Wigglesworth

143 Alexander Jobling

144 Feng Jiang

145 Richard Grayson

146 Michal Czeszek

147 Richard Norfolk

148 Richard Horton

149 George Geary

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