Super Gay Ladies Event

Super Gay Ladies Event

Saturday, 15 May 2010

An old journalist friend of mine Jenny is playing in the Ladies Event for Diva, a gay lifestyle magazine, her mission - to gay it up (blinds 3000 - 6000, ante 500).

Naturally this raises the question: How do you make poker gay? Sure's there's playing with your chip stack but that's more the other type of gay. I suppose she could recite the Vagina Monologues but that just seems a little forced. Suggestively stroke the chips in little circles? It's a tough nut to crack (no pun intended) but I'm sure our fearless reporter friend will solve the problem. Personnally I'm hoping for hot girl-on-girl action but I'm a hopeless romantic.

Trust me pictures will be forthcoming if there is in the meanwhile, here's a couple of boring poker hands.

Andros Spyrou, our D student from the TIPS poker school, has managed a double up against Tom Middleton. Tom bet 15K with AQ from the CO and Steve pushed all in for his remaining 79K with 45 (diamonds). Tom called and the board came:

A 2 3 3 J

Proving the old proverb that its better to be lucky then good.

Amandeep doing his best Jamie Gold impression i.e. chip leader end of Day 1a and Day 2 is still going strong. UTG bet 18K and was called by Amandeep in the BB. The flop:

6 9 Q (2 diamonds)

Amandeep checked and UTG bet 30K, Amandeep then re-raised to 90K and UTG folded his hand, Amandeep showed AQ and picked up a 100K pot putting him close to having half a million chips.

Leon Lewis picked a double up putting him on average chips. Keith Johnson bet 15K in mid-position with QQ and picked up two callers. One from an unknown and the other from Leon in the BB with 46 (diamonds). The flop came:

4 3 T (2 diamonds)

Keith bet 20K on the flop, the unknown folded and Leon shoved all in for 80K and Keith called. The turn:

5 (diamond)

Gave Leon an unbeatable hand and he took down the 200K pot giving him a chance at the title.

Keep logged on for more hands and hot girl-on-girl action.

Richer then those who came before them:

51 John Conner
52 Geoffrey Mockford
53 Waheed Ashraf
54 Jan Bjoersland
55 Karl Snow
56 Andrew Hulme
57 Peter Seager
58 Jason Herbert
59 Kyriacos Dionysiou

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