Stephen Holloway and John Eames out

Stephen Holloway and John Eames out

Saturday, 15 May 2010

John Eames shoved in mid-position for 170K with 99 and was called by John Burberry with AK (6K - 12K, 1K ante)

The board:

5 k 2 5 K

Three K's was good enoough for Burberry and it sent Eames home.

Oliver Schaffmann was the boogey man for Steve Holloway. Steve bet out 45K with AK and Oliver re-raised him with QQ to 100K. Steve pushed all in for a total of 135K, an easy call for Oliver. the board came down rags on the flop and a Q on the turn left Steve with no outs and heading home.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for Oliver though not long after he picked up QQ again and bet out 27K in mid-position, Owen Robinson in the BB re-raised to 70K and Oliver put him all in. An unwise move it turned out as Owen had AA. No Q came this time and Oliver lost his previous win back whilst doubling up Owen.

People that go bump in the day:

27 John Burberry
28 Stephen Holloway
29 John Eames

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