Starving journalist will write for food

Starving journalist will write for food

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Though more hungry then a wildebeast with no stomach it wasn’t enough to stop me clapping in amazement as we saw not one but two straight flushes.

The first straight flush went to Ryan Pitcher. Dealt 67 diamonds he called a bet from Mark Diezi and only picked up the 5 diamonds on the flop. Mark seeing no danger checked the flop hoping for a big pay day as did Ryan Pitcher. The turn:

9 (diamond)

Mark bet out and Ryan seeing a gutshot and a flush draw flat called it. The river:

8 (diamond)

Mark bet out again and was pushed all in by Ryan. Mark thinking it was an act of desperation called and virtually knocking him out of the tournament whilst giving Ryan a double up (20K).

But wait there’s more! As I said that wasn’t only one of the straight flushes in the past hour. Jude Ainswoth couldn’t believe his luck when J Q K (spades) came on the flop and he was holding A6 (spades) however little did he know he was heading into a train wreck as David Sidebottom was holding 9T and had flopped the straight flush.

Both players tried to play it cool on the flop and the turn to maximise their winnings but not surprisingly it went all in on the flop turning Jude’s stack into dust.

Players missing in action presummed killed on the beaches of Normandy:

232 Gabor Bekesi

233 Paul Harrison

234 Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq

235 Kourosh Radfar

236 John Davies

237 Jorei Zandvliet

238 Rey Cedric

239 Roberto Villegas Gomez

240 Mark Diezi

241 Martin Hubner

242 Florian Lehmann

243 Boley Smillie

244 Rafael Canoira Amador

245 Tommy Olsen

246 Jude Ainsworth

247 Rahim Tadj-saadat

248 Graham Pound

249 Andriena Nutt

250 Jeremy Betts

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