Short Stack Blitz

Short Stack Blitz

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Not surprisingly the short stacks that were folding anything but the nuts to make the money having now made it are pushing in and getting pushed out (blinds 2500 - 5000, ante 500).

The first man out was Shai Zurr, he bet 10K in the CO and was re-raised to 30K by George Kranios in the BB. Shai re-raised all and Geroge called. Shai turned over AJ and George showed QQ. The board:

6 3 T K 2

Making Shai the first man out and giving George a 240K pot.

The very next hand on the same table Matt Hearman bet 14K in early position with AJ and Andrew Hulmie on the button re-raised him to 35K with 99. Having already putting a quater of his stack in Matt had little choice but to push all in. The board:

8 7 3 2 5

Provided no help for the short stack and Matt was out in 70th place.

It wasn't all short stack only action though in fact one of the larger stacks made an arguably very bad play. I had only arrived by the turn so perhaps there was something I missed that caused Andros Spyror to make an odd call. The board was:

9 7 T T

60K was in the pot and Peter Seagear first to act pushed all in for 36K. Andros went into the tank for a long while before calling showing A8 giving him A high and an up and down straight draw. In short unless he was facing a pure bluff he only had a small chance of winning. He failed to hit it on the river and it looks like the latest graduate from Paul Zimbler's poker school TIPS needs a refresher class.

That's it for now folks.

Richer in spirit then cash:

60 Christopher Hepworth
61 Dominic Kay
62 Davyd Wright
63 Jean Jacquot
64 James Gray
65 Harprit Singh Gurnam
66 Dale Garrad
67 Lewis Jackson
68 Joe Foley
69 Stewart Brodie
70 Allen Mcauley
71 Matt Heasman
72 Shai Zurr

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