Self Preservation Society/Cong Bo Le bubbles

Self Preservation Society/Cong Bo Le bubbles

Friday, 14 May 2010

There were no less then six all ins on the bubble but eventually someone had to bust out.

There were the save, very little risk allins like AA vs TJ (off) there was the high press ure ones like when Stuart Bell went all in with JJ and was called by Pete Abela with QK. There was a delay as the camera crew came to film the hand and Stuart was pacing pleading, "just this once hold up." The flop came:

A K 8

and it looked like his prayers had been rejected by the mighty poker gods and Stuart went to put on his jacket and like a lucky talisman it brought a J on the turn. I'm guessing from the whooping there isn't a happier man in Nottingham tonight.

Nor a more miserible one then Cong, he pushed all in with AJ only to be called by Zippy Ansom with QQ. The board came:

9 K 8 J Q

Putting Cong out on the bubble that's it for today folks, I'm off home to apologise to my girlfriend. If tomorrow this blog entry is just filled with sad love song lyrics rather then awesome poker action, you know it didn't go so well. Night y'all.

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