Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham Beats Record for Most Players at a £500 event

Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham Beats Record for Most Players at a £500 event

Thursday, 13 May 2010

They beat their previous best effort in the UKIPT Manchester (518) and the Norweigan Championships which was previously held in DTD.

In other news we bring you Pro Watch, letting you know what the pro's are up too and as of right now... not very much.

A short stacked Marc Goodwin is currently reading a book (Blowback)and Victoria Cohen is holding court chatting away nicely to the others players about short stack style play, in case your wondering with Vicky holding an average stack she won't have to put that to the test anytime soon.

JPK is still in fighting for his life and recently picked up a moderate sized pot to keep his head above water. Just before the cut off JPK bet 375 and was called by the BB, Paul Oska. The flop came:

A Q A (2 spades)

Tom bet out 650 and JPK flat called it. The turn was:

4 (diamond)

Oska bet 1500 and again JPK called. The river was:

3 (clubs)

Tom checked and JPK turned over QK off suit, Tom mucked his hande and picked up a possible life saving 5K pot.

Simon Trumper had an interesting hand more for the fact it should have been huge but ended up tiny. A player bet out in early position with 55 and got called from Simon and two other players. The flop came:

7 5 A (2 spades)

All four players checked. The turn was another spade and there was a check before Simon bet out 500 all the players folded bar one and the river was dealt. Another spade making four spades on the board. Both players checked and Simon showed his trip fives whilst his opponent showed trip 7's. Simon having the 5 of spades though took down the tiny pot. So what should have turned into a monster was something of a damp squib.

Check back soon poker fans to hear all the best hands and catch up on Pro Watch.

Taking a short walk off a long plank:

356 Sandiep Khosa
357 Tommy Olsen
358 Rafael Canoira Amador
359 Boley Smillie
360 Florian Lehmann
361 Kourosh Radfar
362 Regis Gutemberg Sales Da Mata
363 Gibbs Steve
364 Carl Thomas
365 Rey Cedric
366 Roberto Villegas Gomez
367 Martin Hubner
368 Mark Diezi

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