Pokerstars Teddybear is kidnapped!

Pokerstars Teddybear is kidnapped!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

A ransome demand was recently given to Simon Trumper by a nerfarious group calling themselves the "Care Bear Gang (blinds 25K - 60K, ante 5K)."

The Care Bear Gang have demanded a burger and chips for 2pm to be left near the printer or, "the bear gets it."

However though the food was placed in the agreed location the Carebear Gang is nowhere to be found perhaps tipped off to an SAS unit hiding nearby in ambush. More news will be given as the story unfolds.

In final table news we still have six players left. Owen Robinson has been slowly dribbling chips away and has now lost just over half his stack in a series of marginal hands never going further then the flop.

Graham Giles won a 700K pot against Andrew Couldridgea. Andrew bet out 125K on button and was re-raised by Graham for 350K, Andrew called and the flop came:

K Q J (clubs)

Graham declared all in and Andrew showed an A before folding. However he didn't hold on to the chips for long before losing a dramatic pot to Andros. Graham bet 115K on the button and was called by Andros on the BB, the flop:

8 3 7 (2 diamonds)

Andros bet 150K and Graham re-raised 325K, Andros then re-raised again making it 580K total. After going in the tank Graham folded and Andros picked up the million chip pot. Andros is really making all the right moves today.

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