Poker Apocalypse!

Poker Apocalypse!

Friday, 14 May 2010

If players keep going out the rate their going out at the moment we good have the final table tonight (blinds 800 - 1600 ante 200).

At current the plan is to finish early for today at 6pm though if we keep losing them there's a good chance we'll be stopping even earlier tomorrow. Current victims to the poker maddness have been Andy Norman who pushed all in with AQ only to have Tony Cartwright wake up with AK right next to him who quickly called. No Q came and bam another one bites the dust, Gladiator style i.e. the 90's popular TV series not Roman style.

AK wasn't so lucky for Gerard Barclay, after getting a limp of my dear ol' dad UTG, he shoved all in for 20K. It passed around to Nicolas Carlyn, who said, "I have a feeling about this" and called, dad folded. Nic turned over 77, the board was dealt but no A or K came to wreck Nic's day and Gerard heads to the bar.

Following our AK theme Wayne Mardle pushed all in from the CO and was called by Mark Stubs holding 99. The board came:

7 k 2 4 Q

And this time AK won the coin flip however it hasn't all been craziness one big laydown came courtesy of Paul Campbell, waking up with JJ in mid-position he bet 4 K and was re-raised to 11K by Fraser Welling. Paul called and the flop came:

3 3 9 (2 clubs)

Both players checked the flop and the turn came:

2 (spade)

Paul bet out 8K and Fraser re-raised to 20K, Paul went in the tank, cradling his head before showing JJ and mucking it.

Player's out of the running (what you were expecting some kind of joke - your werid).

164 Alex Blyakher
165 James Tomlin
166 Ahmad Iftakhar
167 Derek Lawless
168 Philip Clarke
169 George White
170 Manoj Mistry
171 Gareth Lewis
172 Mark Stobbs
173 Ben Spraggons
174 James New
175 Hannah Bartick
176 Andy Cradock
177 Michael Graydon
178 Andreas Georgiou
179 Joni Jouhkimainen
180 Gerard Barclay
181 Reginald Rowan
182 Mark Trett
183 David Buckle
184 Lee Mcmillan
185 Marios Arkadiou
186 Shane Mossop
187 Paul Howard
188 Dodet Daniel
189 Alan Haysom
190 Marc Foggin
191 Allen Rayner

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