Players currently on break

Players currently on break

Thursday, 13 May 2010

JPK is low on chips after losing half his stack to Kevin O'Connell and Rob Yong owner of DTD hits 30K in the first two levels.

A short stacked Kevin with just 7K in chips (after having to lay down QQ in a high stakes pot) managed to go back to 15K when his A9 (spades)went against JPK's QK (Q of spades). Kevin had the flush on the turn but a fourth spade on the river gave JPK a flush as well and when Kevin pushed all in he had to call knocking his chip stack down significantly.

As mentioned before Rob has been picking up a large number of chips one memorable hand was when he bet out with 42 clubs and was called by one player holding AK. The board came:

5 7 T

The unknown player checked and Rob bet 1K only to be re-raised to 4K and Rob flat called. The turn:


The player checked and Rob pushed all in, he showed his AK and Rob showed his 4 high leaving the other player with steam coming out of his ears.

Alright the players are back on the table so I'm heading back out to give you more poker updates.

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