Piotr Majewski out in 6th place

Piotr Majewski out in 6th place

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Piotr is out after tangling with Owen Robinson on a coin flip.

Shortly after returning from the dinner break, Piotr bet out 205K with 55, Owen Robinson declared all in with A6 (clubs) and Piotr called. The board came:

K J 9 T 3 (3 clubs)

Giving Owen the nut flush and taking Piotr's 1.4 million chips, giving Owen a little under 3 million chips, making him the new chip leader and sending Piotr home with £13,200.

Tragically for Piotr the table had just been discussing the possibility of a 6-way split to give everybody 20K. However Andros said he wanted the trophey which Oliver quickly replied he could have it as long as he got the seat (the winner gets a seat to the UKIPT final in London woth £5K).

In teddybear news a new note has arrived after a secert deal was made for the bear with a drink being delivered to an undisclosed location. The note is allegedly for the bear sayong it was being treated well but was being kept blindfolded and it was afraid of having its fur shaven off. No new ransom has been demanded but surely it can only be a matter of time.

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