Piotr Majewski: The Unkillable Man

Piotr Majewski: The Unkillable Man

Sunday, 16 May 2010

One of the shortest of stacks at the beginning of the day doubles up to a respectable 1.4 million chips, just short of the average (30K -60K, ante 5K).

I've been hanging around the final table now for the best part of an hour expecting Piotr to follow the script and go out in 6th place. he started the table as a short stack and though he doubled up earlier to a million he then lost a big hand to Andrew Couldridgea. Piotr bet out in the SB for 130K and was called by Andrew, the flop:

5 7 A (2 spades)

Piotr fired a 140K bullet and AC does the old-reach-deep-down-your-stack-whilst-looking-at-your-opponent-to-get-a-reaction trick. he must have seen something as he re-raised to 340K and Piotr, folded losing about a third of his stack.

However Piotr then managed to bluff off (most likely) Andros by shoving all in on a K K K 7 board and Andross having to make a lay down to pick up a few 100K, Piotr showed a 2 before mucking the hand.

After that he shoved all in on the CO with JQ (off suit) and Graham in the BB went into the tank for so long everyone assumed he was folding before calling with A6. The board:

4 7 T Q 6

The Q on the turn cost Graham 700K in chips and a tasty double up to Piotr. Will his luck continue?

In teddybear news we have more updates, it turns out the Care Bear gang are craftier then we first thought they alluded the traps, dogs and armed response unit to not only take the burger but also to leave another note demanding, "drinks for all their work mates or the bear gets it - we are watching you."

AS spokesperson at Pokerstars has commented off the record that as much as they love the bear they do not neogiate with terrorists.

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