Peter Charalambous, you ain't no Andros!

Peter Charalambous, you ain't no Andros!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pete bet 20K on the button with TJ and got a min-raise from John Burberry(AK) to 40K, Charalambous tanked then called.

Flop came:

K 6 5 (rainbow)

Burberry first to act bet 60K and Pete goes all in for 127.5K. John goes into the tank for a small ice age obviously not aware of Charalambous bluff though the man looks plenty nervious then puts his chips across the line. There's no miracle for the man in black and Charalambous nods his head accepting he bluffed at the wrong time exits the event.

Short-stacked Steve Holloway pushed all in with 88 and picked a called up from Oliver Schaffinman holding AJ. The board:

4 5 7 3 2

And Steve punched the air smiling having doubled up.

One person who was less lucky was George Kranios who after being a chip leader yesterday ahd taken a couple of knocks and was down to about 2/3's of the average with 140K. Finding AT he moved all in pre-flop and right next to him Raymond Chan moved all in as well with JJ. Everybody else folded and the board came:

2 6 7 4 4
Bye-bye Geroge.

Other people who go Bye-Bye:

38 Steve Ferry
39 Ben Crellin
40 Peter Charalambous
41 George Kranios
42 Thomas Middleton
43 Helen Turner
44 Richard Sherwood
45 Maria Demetriou

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