Penultimate level of Day 1b

Penultimate level of Day 1b

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Nearly half of the people who came to play today have now gone home or more likely to the bar and the one's who are left are using the last couple of hours to grab as many chips as they can (blinds 200 - 400, Ante 50).

Due to my last entry beining finished just before the 20 minute break period this update is going to be a little sparse but I picked up a few little titbits for you.

Following on from the previous entry the curse of the aces continues with Pippa Flanders being the main villian. Vach Nankoosing picked up the pocket rockets in late position and bet out getting a call from Pippa in the SB with KT (hearts). The flop came:

6 K J (2 clubs)

Pippa bet 2K and was re-raised by Vach to 7K. Pippa flated it and the turn came:

T (diamond)

Pippa checked and Vach moved all in with Pippa quickly calling. Nothing came for Vach and he was out of the tournament another victim of the cursed aces.

Hopefully I won't be accussed of nepotism here but I've got another update on my dear old dad. He's been going up and down but picked up a nice 10K pot when he took out James Clark from the tournament. In mid-position he bet 1.1K and was called on the button. Then James Clark short stack on 4.5K pushed all in. Kevin asked how many chips the button had before calling the 4.5k, the button folded and both players turned their hands over.

James Clark showed KQ (off suit) and Kevin O'Connell showed AQ of diamonds. Three diamonds on the flop destoryed any suspense and made pater 7 K richer.

More as it happens sports fans.

Walking home:

216 Andrew Osayemi
217 Mark Spellman
218 James Clarke
219 Tina Bandyle
220 Simon Scobie-trumper
221 Cath Gartmann
222 Nigel Turver
223 Ronald Wilkinson
224 David Maudlin
225 Jeffrey Duvall
226 Jeff Kimber
227 Rajesh Verma
228 Vach Nankoosing
229 Jamie Roberts
230 Nicolas Cardyn
231 Andrew Wilson
232 Paul Carr
233 Assaf Hussain
234 Chris Wilson
235 Daniel Kent
236 Timothy Flanders
237 Asad Iqbal
238 Rajesh Rughwani
239 Coppinger Kiernan
240 Michael Clarke

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