Owen Robinson Increases his chip lead

Owen Robinson Increases his chip lead

Sunday, 16 May 2010

After getting involved in hands with Graham, second chip leader, and Andros the plucky Irishman is well ahead in chips (blinds 15K – 30K, ante 3K).

In the first hand Graham bet out 80K under the gun and was called by Owe in the BB. The flop came:

4 3 6 (rainbow)

Owen checked and Graham bet out 107K, Owen called. The turn:

3 (heart)

Both players checked and the river was dealt:

5 (spade)

Owen bet 225K and Graham folded, giving Owen a 440K pot.

In the next hand Nicholas Gavriel bet out in early position for 82K and was called by Andros Spyrou in mid-position, Owen in the SB though re-raised to 300K. Nicholas folded but Andros after playing with his chips, called. The flop came:

9 K J (rainbow)

Owen sat there thinking for awhile counting his chips and then bet 500K, Andros went into the tank and looked briefly like he was considering re-raising before folding, saying, “Your lucky the king came.” Owen mucked and picked up a 700K pot. Further increasing his chip lead over the table. Will he continue to dominate? Check back to find out.

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