Over half the field gone already as we head into Day 2 of the Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham

Over half the field gone already as we head into Day 2 of the Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham

Friday, 14 May 2010

We're 30 minutes away from the start of Day 2 and players are starting to slowly come in to the club. Some are sitting pretty on big stacks whilst others are likley to be pushing all in, in the first round. Lets have a look at some chip counts:

Top 10 Chip Leaders:

Amandeep Atwel - 117,600 - Truely he is a man who has gone deep, he, he, he.

Joeseph McCormick - 113,000 - According to The Hendon Mob if he makes it deep this will be his first cash.

Anon - 98,400 - Ah the immortal anon making many a fine showing in every tournament around the globe as well as the star of many a silent movie.

Mark Aldridge - 93,500 - A man who I couldn't find anything about and doesn't have a funny sounding name.

Goran Dalum - 93,300 - The mighty Norweigan in 5th place.

Gareth Walker - 86,000 - Strolling along and hey I'm back!

Andrew Coldriges - 82,300 - Certanly not on a cold streak.

Thomas Middleton - 818300 - So far the only player in the top ten with some serious cashes on his hands, the biggest being the £500 GCBPT Final in brighton for £22,000. Total tournament winnings around the £70K mark in the past two years not bad for a young lad.

Mick Mccloskey - 81,700 - Ack spoke too soon Mick just making it into the top ten is a circuit regular with lifetime winnings of over $300,000.

I'll be keeping a close eye on the gents to let you know if they maintain there lead or if it'll be a case of the bigger they are the harder they fall.

We're now five minutes away from kick off and I can hear the buzz getting louder. I'm heading out to catch some action, come back soon so I can pass it on... no wait...

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