Over 100 players gone in the penultimate level at the Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham

Over 100 players gone in the penultimate level at the Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Things are really starting to heat up now as we head into the dying levels of Day 1a and luckily for you, you lucky dogs of Jupiter, Bluff Europe has all the best hands.

Originally we had 356 players and now we are down to 150 players as they drop like a hippo being dumped from a hot air balloon with lead weights on its legs

Starting off with a bang we have AK (hearts ) held by Mario Arkadiou vs AK (offsuit) held by Stuart Magreth. Mario was the first to act and bet out 900, Stuart quickly re-raised to 2,700. Mario re-raised again and Stuart pushed all in, after a few seconds Mario followed suit. When both players turned their cards up it seemed like it was almost certainly going to be a split pot but a heart on the flop by another on the turn and river gave Mario the back door flush, leaving him whooping in the air and Stuart looking sick. Mario picked up a massive 27K pot for his troubles and knocked Stuart out of the tournament.

Steve Jelineck also picked up a nice pot. He bet out on the flop and got one caller. Flop came:

2 8 9 (rainbow)

Steve bet out 4k into an 8K pot and the original caller (Jim Worral) stayed at the station. The turn:


Steve pushed all in and Jim folds, Steve shows AA and collects a 16K pot.

Our old friend the man with no name, who we fear maybe in some government sponsored protection programme ended up paying off David Iftakly. The board was:

9 T Q A 3

David bet out 6K and after talking to himself for awhile (or perhaps to his handler using a hidden remote) called showing AK but David with KJ held the nuts and got a 15K pot.

Lost but loved:

150 Shaun Harwood

151 Vaidas Siriunas

152 Anthony Lam

153 Jonathon Salfi

154 Seweryn Brzozowski

155 Benjamin Chisholm

156 Stasia Xanthos

157 David Colclough

158 Robert Finlay

159 Andrew Nunn

160 Darren Gaskell

161 Mike Hill

162 Jerome Oshea

163 Terry Fletcher

164 Anon

165 Adrian Ware

166 Jason Smith

167 James Wise

168 Paul Ho

169 Shaun Dean

170 Cheung Tai Law

171 David Sidebotham

172 Simon Hawkins

173 Christopher Bruce

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