Over 100 players bite the dust at the Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham

Over 100 players bite the dust at the Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham

Thursday, 13 May 2010

As the blinds go up and the antes appear the desperate and the reckless are dissappearing fast (150 - 300, 25 ante).

We started with 394 players (virtually a full house) but are down already to a mere 251. Even those with the best of hands have not been immune in fact your favorite blogger has seens aces cracked not once, not twice but three times in the past hour. The more cynical among you grumbling in bad beat corner are probably already shaking your heads as the way it always go with the best hand in poker.

First aces cracked was by Marc Convey who bet 800 on the button with 88. The BB, Duncan Wilkie waking up with aces bet 2700 and Marc called. The flop came:

9 8 K (rainbow)

Marc disguised his hand by betting 3K and Duncan flat called. The turn came:


And both players checked. River:

T (diamond)

Marc bet 4K and Duncan paid him off, giving Marc a 20 K pot.

Bad beat number 2 came courtesy of DTD's own Rob Yong. Rob woke up with QQ and bet 800 from mid-position he was quickly re-raised by Steve Redfern to 2K, holding AA. Rob flat called and the flop came down:

9 Q T

Rob checked on the flop and Steve bet 4K. Robe the pushed all in and Steve insta-called but very soon wish he hadn't. No ace came and Steve's stack was desimated as Rob picked up a 37K pot bringing his stack to 44K.

Last but not least was a very odd one and perhaps a very bad lay down. Mitchel Johnson UTG found pocket A's and bet out and picked up two callers SB (Alan linfrod) and the BB (Harry Roson). The flop came:

2 6 3 (2 diamonds)

Mitchel bet out 2.8K and the SB made it 6K, the BB thought about it then folded. Nitchel then showed AA and mucked. What was going through the gentlemens head is a mystery, perhaps he picked up a read I missed but it just goes to show there's more then one way to crack aces.

Walking into the sunset:

241 Stephen Docherty
242 Steve Redfern
243 James Mcculloch
244 William Fry
245 Jeff Van Der Broek
246 Martin Bader
247 Michael Corrigan
248 James Eccles
249 William Robert Elkin
250 Yevgeni Dogayev
251 Marcus Baker
252 Tamer Kamel
253 Steven Frew
254 Paul Oska
255 Malcolm Dagger
256 Francis Jones
257 Andy Mcleod
258 David Mitchell
259 Pavlin Hristov
260 Gareth Cash
261 Sung Hee Yun
262 Peter Sansom
263 Ewan Bekir
264 Barry Drake
265 Darius Tehrani
266 Anon
267 Joe Whittaker
268 Faisal Bhatti
269 Gurpreet Nagi
270 Peter Doughty
271 Avraham Simhon
272 Stavros Ioaanou
273 Terence Owens
274 Joseph Grech
275 Matt Russell
276 Liam Fergal Mckeever

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