Only nine people away from the money!

Only nine people away from the money!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Players are currently on a 15 minute break so I thought I'd give you some quick hands before play resumes (blinds (1500 - 3000, ante 300).

I've been stalking Maria Demetriou. I'm not proud of it but I've really had no choice, she keeps picking up chips but yet I've never actually seen her play a hand. Thankfully though my persistence has paid off and I saw her take down this pot.

Maria bet 8K in mid-position and got called by the BB. Flop came:

J 7 6 (rainbow)

BB checked and Maria bet 17K, the BB flat called and the turn came:

K (club)

BB and Maria checked, river:

Q (hearts)

BB checked again and Maria fired another button of 30K and the BB folded with Maria picking up a 60K pot. Not particularly thrilling I know but its good to finally have evidence she isn't just gaining chips by osmosis.

Our old friend the earlier chip leader Amandeep Atwell is still looking pretty good and was even better after he called James Parker's all in with pocket 5's holding KJ suited. A board of A K 6 8 K made one more person who will not be seeing any green anytime soon.

Oh I'm hearing Simon Trumper calling an end to the break and as I don't want you to miss a thing, I'll just give you one more quick hand.

Stewart Brodie bet out in early position with JQ and it was folded around to Waheed Vassiliau holding 9T (hearts) who flat called it. The flop came:

8 6 J (rainbow)
Stewart bet out 15K and Waheed declared all in, Stewart called immediately and they both turned their cards over. A 9 came on the turn to give Waheed more outs but the river was a harmless 5, leaving Waheed to lament, "always missing his draws."

Time for me to get back to the action folks.

People who won't be getting any action:

81 George Hepburn
82 Jitesh Thakker
83 India Storrar
84 Kes Beech
85 Ricky Jones
86 James Sanders
87 James Parker
88 Ritesh Chauhan

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