Only 34 players remain at the Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham

Only 34 players remain at the Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Many of the players who started the tournament are now gone including Pippa Flanders the last woman in the tournament leaves the tournament in 35th place (blinds 5K - 10K ante 500).

Oliver Schaffmann UTG had bet out 25K and Pippa Flanders just before the CO pushed all in with TT for 210K. Oliver went deep into the tank counting out his chips which wasn't too surprising. Just ten minutes ago he lost a coin flip with AQ vs 99 (Robert Clinton) which cost him 170K of his own chips into a 340K pot. Eventually, shaking with the adrenaline, he called and turned over JJ, slamming the table when he saw Pippa's hand. No T came and Pippa was out whilst Oliver picked up a 450K pot giving Oliver his money back and then some.

Zach Chesses is out after pushing all in with AT in late position for about 150K walking slam bang into pocket rockets held by Gareth Walker. Again no surprises on the board and we lose Zach.

Btw poker fans this is proably a good time to tell you that in an effort to make this blog even better I've taken a page from the Pokerstars boys and am working as a pair. Remember Jenny aka Scarlett Winterberg who's writing for Diva, well after getting all the hot gay action she could handle she kindly agreed to assist me. In fact here is two of the hands she picked up me from short stack David Iftaklar.

Down to a mere 20K he shoved all in with Q9 UTG and got called by Graham Giles (57 off suit). The board came:

9 4 A 6 5

This got David up to 40K but not content with that he shoved all in again with A6 (hearts) and got a call with John Eames holding A7 (off suit). The flop:

3 5 2 (2 hearts) 5 (spade) Q (heart)

Giving David the flush and 80K...

Wait a sec just heard from my sources he just went out... well that sucks.

Other things that suck:

30 Zahir Aslam
31 David Iftakhar
32 Matthew Wadham
33 Peter Abela
34 Zack Chesses
35 Philippa Flanders
36 Daniel Cochrane
37 Amandeep Atwal

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