No sex in the champagne room/Last level of the day

No sex in the champagne room/Last level of the day

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Rob Yong despite having quite a few chips has already got his mind on playing even more poker after todays event by opening up the VIP Room for a high stakes cash game £5/£10 Minimum £1000 sit down (blinds 300 - 600 ante 75.

Its the final level and despite us being down to 195 players DTD is more packed now then when the tournament has started the Pokerstars £100 FO side event has sold out before it even started and there's a line of alternates almost outside the door. I'd love to play myself but sadly constant reader your favorite blogger has a duty to keep you entertained.

Thos who aren't playing in the tournameent s are getting involved in some very big cash games. There's a couple of roaring 10/10 Omaha game going on and even an interest list for a £25/£50 NLH game with 4 names down on the list.

Had bad luck finding hands as players tighten up heading towards Day 2 but there was one big hand which sadly so the demise of Simon Trumper at the hands of Ben Vinson.

Dan Owston raised to 1200 in early position, Alan Vinson flat called and Simon Trumper a little low on 8K and shoved all in, in the cut off. Paul Zimbler fancying a piece called the bet. Owston seeing trouble backed straight out but the highly stacked Vinson liked his chances called as well. Flop:

Walking the green mile:

3 2 J (2 clubs)

Zimbler checked and Vinson pushed all in. Zimbler mucked his hand and they turned their cards on their backs. Vinson had TJ and Trumper held AQ. The turn and river did nothing to save him and Trumper was the tournaments latest victim, with Vinson adding to his already giant stack.

Walking the green mile:

182 Eyal Yunger
183 Pawel Walczak
184 Charles Denton
185 Mark Attridge
186 Alli Mallu
187 David Nunez
188 Alan Mansbridge
189 James Morris
190 Mark James
191 Neil Mackay
192 Neil Fox
193 John Patrick
194 Christopher Dash
195 Stephen Kidsley
196 Craig Oneill
197 Richard Swerling
198 James Leeson
199 Neil Blatchly
200 Paul Zimbler
201 Thomas Jones
202 Brian Martin
203 Stephen Lovatt
204 Lee Anderson
205 Adam Furze
206 Sylvester Geoghegan
207 Ryan Oconnor
208 Yonatan Basin
209 Steven Warburton
210 Andrew Hayes
211 Stephen Pearce
212 Richard Garner
213 Ernst Hermans
214 Ben Janson
215 Mark Cullumbine

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