Nicholas Gavriel out in 7th

Nicholas Gavriel out in 7th

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Nicholas Gavriel is eliminated from the main event by Graham Giles.

Nicholas pushed all in with A9 (diamonds) in mid-position and was called by Graham with AK (hearts). The flop:

2 4 4 (2 hearts)

Limited Nicholas's outs but a K on the turn made the river irrelvant and Graham picked up Nicholas 650,000 chips taking his stack up to just over 2 million chips.

Chip leader Owen Ronbinson has taken a slight knock from Andros Spyrou. Andros bet out 130K from early position and got a call from Owen on the button. The flop:

4 5 T (rainbow)

Both players check. the turn:

9 (heart - now two hearts on board)

Andros bets 155K and Owen calls. The river:

6 (hearts)

Andros checks again and Owen bets out 260K. Andros tanks for awhile looking like he's trying to decide to fold or push all in as calling would seriously cripple him before finally just calling and turns over KK obviously afraid of a possible backdoor flush. Owen didn't have it though and he mucked his cards, the 1.1 million chip pot putting Andros just above the average on 1.5 million chips and knocking Owen's stack down to about 2 million.

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