Mick McCloskey out in the 2nd level

Mick McCloskey out in the 2nd level

Friday, 14 May 2010

All the money went in pre-flop with McCloskey (TT) against Andrew Hulme (AJ hearts).

The flop came:

7 8 9 (two hearts)
Giving Hulme a feast of outs. Turn:

Q (club)


K (heart)

And as it offten does the river brought heart break with Andrew scooping a pot well over 100K and virtually eliminating McCloskey.

He wasn't the only big name to take the long walk though I just heard that Rob Yong, owner of DTD, has gone out to Aidrian Chessy, when he went all in with a flush only to find Aidiran had a higher one.

Also on Pro Watch (TM) Julian thew helped double up short stack Thomas Burgers. Julian bet 2K on button with AT (off suit) and Thomas pushed all in on the SB for 8K total with 22. Julian called and failed to hit doubling Thomas up and taking a dent to his stacks but don't worry Thew Fans he's still looking pretty safe.

James Gray in mid-position raised with AT and got two callers one being wild card Sulairman Idris-Dalo on the button with T4 (spades). The flop came:

A J 7 (2 spades)

James bet 8K, the unknown caller folded and Sulairman pushed all in for about 30K. Surprisingly there was no hesitation from James who called instantly. A spade on the river though probably made regret his haste and crazy man Sulairman picks up a 60K pot.

Players who we will not see their like again:

193 Gary Orme
194 Kurt Goodwin
195 Stuart Bell
196 Robert Charlton
197 Jonathan Mccann
198 Adam Mason
199 Barry Neville
200 Dennis Salmon
201 Anthony Parry
202 Conor Ainsworth
203 Firhinia Murray
204 Chris Hooper
205 Alan Stearn
206 David Phelan
207 Caroline Cove
208 Mick Mccloskey
209 William Bennet
210 Paul Grummitt
211 Robert Yong
212 Pratik Ghatge
213 Patrick Donoghue
214 Andrew Dwyer
215 Stuart Rolfe
216 Nathan Watson
217 Liam Reddin
218 Ghalib Hussain
219 Carl Quinton
220 Lars Stockenschneic
221 William Young
222 Fraser Welling
223 Baxter Derek
224 Dylan Roberts

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