Marc Goodwin from Hero to Zero

Marc Goodwin from Hero to Zero

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Marc Goodwin found the true meaning of a cold deck when he got into a hand with Rich Hinds (blinds 150 - 300)

Rich bet out 750 in mid-position with TT and was flat called by Marc on the button with 8T (hearts). The flop came down:

8 T 2 (2 diamonds)

Rich bet out 1300 and unaware of the train wreck before him Marc pushed all in sure he was ahead with his two pair. Rich had no trouble calling with the nuts and sadly with his luck banks massively depleted from earlier Marc was knocked out the tournament.

For the most part Pro watch has been relatively uneventful. Rob Yong has lost some of his earlier stack but is still looking pretty safe with 25K. Julian Thew and Vickey Cohen are taking things slow on the average though I have heard Michale Grecco has bitten the dust and from the look on his face he isn't best pleased about it. I feel a bad beat is in the air.

On less pro related news one sick hand I wittness was between Alan Stern vs poor Lee Harling. Lee Harling limped and Alan Stern made a respectible bet of 800 on the button with AK (A of spades) and Lee called. The flop came:

8 Q 6 (2spades)

Lee checked and Alan bet 1200, Lee with the pair and flush draw called. The turn was:

9 (spades)

Lee checked again and Alan bet 2K, Lee re-raised him to 4K and Alan asked how many chips he had behind (about 6K) before calling. The river was:

2 (spades)

Lee but his remaining chips in and Alan now with the nut flush happily called making Lee leave the tournament kicking himself.

Another player heading home is Lilengren Nikalaf. I only catched the river play but the board was:

A Q 6 J 8

Lilengran went all in with JQ (two pairs) but unfortunately for him Andy Cradock had flopped two pair with his AQ sending Lilengran home.

Others who will walk where no living man may:

276 Liam Fergal Mckeever
277 Richard Sutcliffe
278 Alan Linford
279 Neil Mcdonagh
280 Klemi Hagag
281 Robert Charlton
282 Tom Smith
283 Liljengren Nikolaj
284 Miles Crotty
285 Jeroen Voortman
286 Paul Hepworth
287 Ben Young
288 Nicholas Marshall
289 Jack Ellwood
290 Jen-yue Chiang
291 Robert Stevens
292 Gerard Harraghy
293 Michael Greco
294 Jerome Bradpiece
295 Marc Goodwin
296 Aaron Barry
297 Robert Woodcock
298 Erik Van Gemert
299 Lee Harling
300 Peter James Lody
301 Mohammed Suhail
302 William Davies
303 Martin Spouse-wright
304 David La Ronde
305 Jef Rogers
306 Jorei Zandvliet
307 Grahame Monagha
308 Daniel Nutt
309 Nathan Harris
310 Peter Wood
311 John-paul Kelly
312 James Atkin
313 Jack Sambrook

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