Marc Goodwin beats hefty odds to stay in tournament

Marc Goodwin beats hefty odds to stay in tournament

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Involved in a huge five way pot Goodwin defied the odds to win with the worst hand (blinds 100 - 200).

Under the gun, William Young bet out 800 and got three callers (Alli Mallu, Dale Gerrad and Michael Piper) before Marc Goodwin pushed all in with his remaining 1925. The remaining four players all called and the flop came:

6 7 9 (2 diamonds)

William bet 2.7K and Alli Mallu re-raised him to a massive 40K, Dale and Michael quickly left the pot and after a bit of thought so did William. Alli showed 84 (diamonds) and Marc turned over 47 (off suit) for middle pair. The turn was an A and the board paired when a 6 came on the river to qintuple up (5X) saving his bacon and giving him 10,000 chips to play with.

In other poker news my dad has gone to war with JPK in another hand. JPK limped in early position and picked up five callers my dad in the BB checked. The flop came:

9 5 Q (rainbow)

JPK bets 550 and everybody folded but Kevin called. the turn:

7 (diamond)

JPK bet out again 1350 and dad calls. The river:

2 (spades)

They both check and both turn over 85 suited JPK with clubs and my dad with diamonds so the plot is splitted.


Just heard that JPK was knocked out by John Prestead when JPK hit a set of 5's and John hit a set of T's. The inetiable collision sent the already short stacked JPK out of the tournament unlucky for the bracelet holder.

One final hand for you poker junkies was a tough laydown by Wayne Madle. In late position Tuan Lee bet 800 and was re-raised by Wayne Maddle in the cut off to 2400. Tuan called and the flop came:

Q 7 3 (rainbow)

Tuan checked and Wayne bet out 3000. Tuan quickly re-raised him to 18K.

Wayne spent several minutes agonising before one player apologetically asked him if calling a clock woulf help him make a decision. Wayne said it would and a clock was called, 40 seconds in Wayne showed AQ and threw it away. Tuan mucked, so either a great lay down or a great bluff, sadly we'll never know but that's poker.

Others who must make the long walk home:

314 Abdul Koysor
315 Gerald David
316 Daniel Bass
317 Rory Liffey
318 Martin Muslow
319 Shoib Gulamhussein
320 Derek Thorpe
321 Shaun Williams
322 Thomas Dunwoodie
323 Hugh Kirton
324 Luke Marsh
325 Mario Paviou
326 Moshe Vaizman
327 John Exley
328 Raj Dhiri
329 Ben Eldred
330 Glen Storey
331 Matthew Heap
332 Jonathan Lundy
333 Sadan Turker
334 William Cheung
335 Michael Crozier
336 Phillip Mighall
337 Harry Rason
338 Albert Sapiano
339 Trevor O Sullivan
340 Nichiei Hicks
341 Huang Guoxun
342 Anthony Cascarino
343 Nigel Sutcliffe
344 Charles Chattha
345 Carlo Citrone
346 Kevin Mccann
347 Raghubinder Aujla
348 Anthony Nicholls
349 Glyn Rees
350 Dost Mohammad Ghrabie
351 James Glossop
352 Paul David
353 Mark Emberson
354 Daniel Davis

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