I see a light at the end of the tunnel... it's an oncoming train

I see a light at the end of the tunnel... it's an oncoming train

Friday, 14 May 2010

Well sports fans the good news is that I will not be finishing early today as Pokerstars have decided to play down to the money tonight, sorry Rachael, Daddy's got to work, so you my friends are going to be treated a wee bit earlier to the players fighting it out for the money (blinds 1200 - 2400 ante 200).

Also I've learnt that the side events which were going to run on Monday have all now been moved to Sunday so alas your favorite blogger will not be able to belate you with tales of my obvious future glory. I weep for you too. (Sigh) Lets cheer ourselves up with some tales of players crashing and burning out of the tournament.

There's been some pretty big hands whilst you've been sitting around twiddling your fingers waiting for the next update.

Ol' friend Tom Middleton bet out from the CO 12K and gets called by Mark Alridge in the BB. Flop comes:

3 Q 3 (rainbow)

Mark bets 23K and is swiftly called by Tom. The turn comes:

T (spades)

Mark fires a 30K bullet and Tom folds his hand whilst Mark picks up a 60K pot.

Pete Charambolous ended up feeling a little sick after getting a bad beat in a big pot. He bet out with AQ in early position and got a re-raise from Tony Millan. The board came:

T A T (rainbow)

Pete bet out 35K into the 50K pot and after going in the tank for while called showing AJ. The poker gods were in their sometimes pissy mood though an Tony spiked a J on the turn picking up a massive 140K pot.

But Pete wasn't the only person to feel the spite of the gods today. A short stacked Barington Nicolas got into a hand with big stack Mick McClosky. Barrington bet out in early position for 8K with AJ and was called by Mick holding KQ. Flop:

3 4 7 (2 spades)

Both players checked, turn came:

7 (heart)

Barrington bet out 8K and Mick re-raised him to 40K. After thinking about it for awhile he said, "I know your at it," and called. Being right though wasn't much consolation when a Q came on the river knocking him out.

The poker gods aren't always cruel though. Keith Johnson bet out in mid-position with 99 and got a call from Ritesh Charlen holding 57 (diamonds) in the CO. The flop came:

4 5 9 (2 clubs)

Keith bet 12K and Ritesh flat called. the turn:

6 (diamond - now two diamonds on board as well)

Keith bets 25K and Ritesh pushes all in, Keith seeing little choice with top set calls. Keith is in a fair bit of danger here as an 8 or a diamond will completely crush him but the gods play fair for a change and the river is a harmless 2 of spades.

Come back soon folks its going to be a bloodbath!

So close but yet so far:

89 Dom Newman
90 Trevor Reardon
91 Thomas Myland
92 Phillip Huxley
93 Patrick De Koster
94 Sulaiman Idris-dabo
95 Shane Riley
96 Jonathon Prested
97 Benjamin Jenkins
98 Michael Vassiliou
99 Joeseph Mccormick
100 Amit Chopra
101 Lewis Taylor
102 Mark Barsley
103 Cam Law
104 Wayne Mardle
105 Steven Watts
106 Willem Oostende
107 Thomas Piccirilli
108 Paul Campbell
109 Arthur Sinkiewicz
110 Barrington Nicholas
111 Robert Gillon
112 Peter Blow
113 Ben Vinson
114 Steve Brown
115 Mariusz Ocwieja
116 Dennis Troake
117 Rob Tarran

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