Heroes Emerge

Heroes Emerge

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Now into the second half of the day some players have picked up hefty stacks and if their luck holds we maybe starting to see the runners who might make it all the way to the final table.

As of last chip count our current leader is Jordon Thomas with 51,000 chips way ahead in front, with the nearest player being Andreas Georgiou on 37,000. Another player in the top 10 is Barry Neville who at the time of the chip count was on 30,000 however a series of good cards probably makes him much higher than that a calculated estimate was 40K putting him in spitting distance of Jordon.

Barry told me his good fortune had come from hitting a hot streak of cards where he hit three cases of trips almost back-to-back with Q’s, J’s and 6’s getting paid on all three to the tune of 10K.

I was impressed by Jordon’s bluff that netted him his big win when I was watching him however one hand I saw on his table suggests he may have lucked out in getting a bunch of raving idiots. In one three way-pot that I caught the tail end of, the board was:

6 9 A K K

Ibby Volken a short stack pushed all in on the turn with TJ hoping to get a gutshot (as you can see he wasn’t successful). He was called by Graham Rinbinders with A 7 and Jerome Oshen with KJ. As you can see Jerome ended up getting lucky but hardly a master class in poker from all three of the players. Jerome picked up 10K for his troubles

It hasn’t all been big hands though as the average stacks themselves have been playing a good game. Jesus Lizano bet out with QQ and got one caller, Craig Stewart, the flop came:

7 J J

Jesus checked and Craig bet 6K into a 6K pot. After going in the tank Jesus showed QQ and lay it down, Craig out of respect showed him a J. A very good lay down by Jesus there, proving that Jesus really does safe.

Btw if you want to see the most recent chip count of all the remaining players go to this link:


Players missing presumed, alive but off the coast of Somalia:

200 Garinder Purewal

201 Allan Pike

202 Jason Bright

203 Richard Finney

204 Micheal Adebiyi

205 Adam Jaguscik

206 Lee Taylor

207 Richard Blacklock

208 Andreas Lindgaard

209 Oldrich Hanton

210 Adam Searle

211 Justin Devonport

212 Ibby Volkan

213 Alan Davies

214 David Sparks

215 Manfred Fuchs

216 Andrew Laurie

217 Martin A Hansen

218 Adam Goulding

219 Ryan Pitcher

220 Stuart Magrath

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