Half Way Mark on Day 1a

Half Way Mark on Day 1a

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The players are about to go on their mid-tournament break so it’s ther perfect time to catch you up on winners and loser so far as well as give out some birthday wishes for a special someone (Blinds 100 -200).

Bluff Europe and myself would like to give belated birthday wishes to the, “Voice of Poker” Jesse May who turned 40 last week. His wife Mickey told me he’s feeling sensitive about his age, so anyone who sees him in the near future be sure to wish him a happy birthday and to remind him that he’s past the good part of life. I jest, I jest of course if I didn’t know any better I’d swear that man had a portrait in his attic getting slowly decrepit, more like the Peter Pan of Poker huh, huh? There if that doesn’t wrangle me a seat in the Next Late Night Poker I don’t know what will.

Speaking of age ever notice the odd age gap at a big poker tournaments? Apart from a few exceptions the players either look like they’d be puzzled at the sight of a razor or been around the block so many times they could work as tour guides. Looking around the tables objectively it resembles a bring your son to work day card game.

Anyways you’ve probably come for hand updates you werido. One fun hand was on table 55, a flop came down of:

5 3 K (two hearts)

Jordin Thomas was the first player to act and bet 700 everyone folded but he was re-raised by Rahim Waljii to 2000, Jordin flat called. The turn:

8 (diamond)

Jordin checked and Rahim bet 4K which Jordin called. The river:

J (spade)

Jordin checked again and Rahim bet 7.5K, Jordin then re-raised him to 16.5K and Rahim folded. Jordin turned over 5T (hearts) winning with bottom pair. Popular opinion on the table though was it might have been the best hand.

An interesting short but sweet hand was between Karl Snow and Pakken Yung. In early possition Karl made a huge bet of 3000 chips (blinds 100 – 200) and everybody folded except Pakken who shoved all in for 12K. Karl proceeded to go into the tank for only a small ice age before thrusting his chips across the line. Pakken turned over 55 vs Karl’s JJ, there was no heartbreak on the flop for Karl and he doubled up.

Missing in action presummed doing the tango:
221 Anthony Crotty

222 Patrick Murray

223 John Davies

224 Anthony Conway

225 Javed Ghazi

226 Adrian Murray

227 Warren Wooldridge

228 Rahim Walji

229 Dang Duc Viet

230 Callum Hughes

231 Matthew Cox

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