Gareth Walker is out in 8th Place

Gareth Walker is out in 8th Place

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Gareth picks up £7600 after going heads up with Oliver Schaffmann and fails to get lucky (20K - 40K).

Schaffmann bet out for 100K in mid-position with QQ and Gareth pushed all in on the button with 99 for 500K total. Oliver called and the board came:

3 J 5 8 2

With no 9 Gareth is out of the tournament but over £7000 richer. It was good timing for Oliver who had lost a series of hands most recently against Andros Spyrou. Andros bet out in early position with AJ and got called by Oliver in the BB, holding KQ (I saw his cards as he lifted them) who flat called. The flop came:

9 T T

Oliver first to act bet 75K and was called by Andross. The turn:


Both players checked and the river was dealt:


Oliver attempted a steal betting 200K but it looks like I may have been wrong about Paul Zimbler's D student he thought something was fishy and flat called Oliver who quickly mucked his hand.

As such this win but Oliver back on a million chips. More as it happens.

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