Fallen in Action

Fallen in Action

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Action has started heating up and the poker room has come alive as players start to relax into the tournament.

One player who ought to have chirpy chips is Daniel Shuttleworth. Dealt KK he raised in early position and got two callers. The flop came:

K Q 7 (two spades)

Daniel bet out again, one player folded the remaining player called.

The turn:

5 (spade)

Daniel bet and was re-rasied, he quickly re-raised himself and was re-rasied again making the pot a massive 20,000 chips after thinking about it Daniel reluctantly called but was struggling to hide his smile when the river came:

Q (diamond)

He pushed all in for his remaining 4,000 and was quickly called. Dan showed his full house and the other player quickly letting him rake in a monster 28K pot and leaving his opponent dangerously short stacked.

But alas in poker where there are winners there are losers and we currently have lost three players (260 out of 263)

The biggest name and perhaps the most unlucky was Pau “Golden Balls”l Gardener, a member of a well respected poker crew and tournament regular who’s set of 9’s ran into a set of A’s but the bad luck didn’t end there, short stacked he went all in with pocket Q’s v AQ (suited) pre-flop and ran into a flush.

One other hand of interest was between Chris Alexander (seat 1) (SB) and Cortis Lizon (seat 2) (BB). Chris limped and Cortis check.

Flop came:

8 A 2 (rainbow)

Both players checked.



Chris bets and Cortis calls.



Chris bet out and is re-raised by Cortis but then Chris re-raised again. After giving it a lo0t of thought Cortis folded showing an 8, Chris surprised but I’m guessing very happy mucks.

Just coming in I’m told we have lost the following:

260 Christopher Kiefert

261 Anthony Kennedy

262 Dimitrios Ermogenous

263 Charalambos Xanthos

264 Paul Gardener

265 George Yiacoumi

266 Thomas Henriksson

Keep re-freshing for all the action as it happens.

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