Dinner Break/Down to 15

Dinner Break/Down to 15

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The players having not eaten in close to seven hours have revolted and a 45 minute dinner break has been declared at the end of the current level, so let’s look at who's destined for the final table and who's likely not to see the oh-so-nice leather seats.

But before that lets give you the story of Simon Wing's, swan song. Massively short stacked he had no choice but to call in the BB with T7 when Leon Lewis bet out with K8. No cards came for either player but it was enough for Leon to win with K high. Now on to the chip stacks:

Mark Aldridge 1400000
Oliver Schaffmann 1175000
Nicholas Gavriel 787000
Andrew Couldridge 762000
David Swan 724000
Andros Spyrou 716000
Leon Louis 625000
Graham Giles 610000
Piotr Majewski 579000
Parminder Kandola 495000
Owen Robinson 460000
Robert Charlton 399000
Gareth Walker 353000
Raymond Chan 225000
Kieran Appleby 97000

The next level blinds will be 8K - 16K with 2K antes. Kieran and Raymond are both going to have to make some moves but for the rest of the two tables it's all to play for. Check back soon, we'll start to update you as soon as the dinner break finishes and some cards are dealt naturally, also they'll need to be fairly big hands...

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