Breaking News: Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham to finish day early

Breaking News: Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham to finish day early

Friday, 14 May 2010

The Pokerstars UKIPT Nottingham main event was meant to have its final table this Monday but players are going out so quick the final has now been moved to Sunday. Which means I get the day off and get to play in the bounty tournament, life is golden (blinds 1200 - 2400, ante 300).

We've been spending a lot of time looking at the big stacks but lets take a little time out to admire the scrappy little stacks who are pushing in, fighting for their survival and in some cases cashing in.

Lets start with Mr. Nice Julian Thew down at one point to a mere 7.5K he has fought his way back to 40K. Julian pushed all in with TJ (off) in mid-position and was called by the CO holding 22. The board came down:

J 6 3 8 K

So Julian picked up a double up as well as the blinds and antes taking him to 20K. You might now expect at this part of the story that Julian got another double up to at least give him some breathing room but truth be told he skilfully played several hands winning blinds, here and blinds there and pushing at the right moments to build back to 40K. We salute you sir may your good fortune continue.

Another plucky little scrapper is Bhanisha Patel. Kyriacos bet out 4K in the CO and was called by Mehtab on the button, Bhanisha in the BB found 97(spades) and seeing an opporunity went all in for 5.7K total. The two gentlemen obviously called and the flop came:

8 4 J (2 spades)

Both players checked and on the turn came:

A (spade)

Again they both checked and a T came on the river. Kyriacos checked and Mehtab bet out 5K, Kyriacos folded and Mehtab turned over QK showing the straight little knowing that Bhanisha had gotten lucky and hit her flush on the turn. For her troubles she tripled up and with the blinds/antes now has 25K.

Oh sadly breaking news just coming in Julian our little scrapper is out his AQ running into the evil AK we've seen so much of.

Others who whistle through the graveyard:

119 Mark Kent
120 Matthew Lewis
121 James Fuzzey
122 Julian Thew
123 Daniel Shuttleworth
124 Talet Mahmood
125 Paul Twaddle
126 Yiannis Liperis
127 Gemal Husnu
128 Mehtab Shabir
129 Tuan Le
130 Richard Rudling-smith
131 Marc Convey
132 Neil Nicklin
133 Lyndon Basha
134 Anon
135 Craig Stewart
136 Jonathan Spelman
137 Steven Marskell
138 Grimm Hans Joachim
139 Mark Crighton
140 Sam Grafton

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