Break Time

Break Time

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The players are currently on their break so here’s a quick couple of hands to whet your whistle with juicy poker action.

: First off at risk of being accussed of missing a few star faces I should let you guys know that Dave Colclough and Mickey Wernick are in the building. Julian Thew in fact is just across from me doing interviews but he won’t be taking part till tomorrow.

Going back to the hands lucky Chris Alexander has become less so. Dealt pocket KK’s he bet out and got one caller. Flop came:

7 Q 9 (all spades)

Chris bet out and was called. The turn:

K (clubs)

Chris bet out again and after a few moments of thinking his opponent pushed all in. Chris thought about it for a few moments and called. His opponent turned over TJ (spades) and the river didn’t pair the board knocking him out. The winning player though refused to give me his name, I could quite easily look it up in the database based on table and seat position but we at Bluff Europe respect your right to privecy. Plus I’d feel bad if he was in some sort of wittness protection program and was killed due to my actions as the superheroes say with great power comes great responsibility.

So the man with no name will remain so.

Moving on, one big lay down was on table 15. Ben Crelin bet out and was called by Mark Kiwi pre-flop. The flop came:

J 9 J (rainbow)

Ben bet out and was flat called by Mark. The turn:


Ben bet out again 5K into a 10K pot but Mark quickly re-raised him to 15K. After much thinking Ben shaked his head in disgust and folded KT obviously afraid of the possible full house. He looked positively sick when Mark turned over AJ.

Another big lay down came from Dave Sparks. Pre-flop he bet out 500 with pocket J’s and was re-raised to 1200 by Tony Conway which he called. The flop came:

5 2 3 (two diamonds)

David bet 2K and was flat called by Tony, The turn:

7 (club)

Dave bet out another 2K and Tony pushed all in. Dave showed his pocket J’s and threw them away whilst Tony mucked his hand. He may not have seen the hand but the table chatter agrees he made the right decision.

Players now out:

251 Anthony Lam

252 Benjamin Sweetman

253 Luke Fields

254 Steven Munnings

255 Waseem Shahid

256 Wayne Anthony Bentley

257 Christopher Brammer

258 Chanjit Johal

259 Christopher Alexander

260 Paul Williams

That’s it for now but check back later for more updates. Oh before I forget a shout out to Harvey who many players here are calling the, “best dealer at DTD.” Keep frosty!

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