Bad luck for Paul Kavanagh spells early showers

Bad luck for Paul Kavanagh spells early showers

Thursday, 13 May 2010

The player hit a spurt of bad luck when he got involved in a hand with current unknown Jitesh Thagkker.

I came across the hand when it had reached the turn stage. The board was:

5 9 8 J (two diamonds)

Jitesh was first to act in early position and checked, Jeff bet 1K and after a few moments Jitesh re-raised 4K. Paul went into the tank for a while before pushing all his chips across the line, Jitesh quicker then an Olympic splinter with electrodes attached to his balls called and turned over 67 clubs for the straight whilst a very worried Kavanagh turned over 88 for trips. Unfortunately for Paul the board didn’t pair and he was knocked out of the tournament whilst Jitesh took down a monster 23K pot.

But that’s not all folks, this is a much faster game than yesterday. Wayne Wassle attempted a super bluff with Q6, Joe McCormick 400 with TT and was re-raised by the sneaky bluffer to 1200. Joe called and thought his luck was in when the board came:

T 9 7 (rainbow)

He bet out 1K and was swiftly re-raised by Wayne to 4K. Joe called and the turn came:

2 (diamond)

Joe checked and Wayne moved all in. Joe a player who seemed obviously new to the game went into the tank for a long time agonsing about a possible straight before calling showing his trip tens and Wayne was forced to show his lowly gut shot. There was no miracle on the river and Wayne bit the dust as Joe audibly gulped in relief.

That should be enough for now you crazy poker addicts but come back very soon as we’ll be updating you every hour as the tournament progresses.

Gone for a walk and maybe some time:

369 Stuart Hopkin
370 Scott Chaudhry
371 Wenrui Chen
372 Simon Deadman
373 Umar Khan
374 Paul Kavanagh
375 Victor Ilyukhin
376 Lars Erik Isaksen
377 Wayne Wassle
378 Sandeep Shah
379 Amjad Mohammed
380 Andrew Bradshaw

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