Andros is out in 3rd

Andros is out in 3rd

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Andros has lost to his rival Oliver Schaffmann.

Down to three players it was always going to be quick but I didn't think quite so quick, Oliver bet 195K on the button with Q8 and Andros pushed all in with AT. Oliver made a quick count and called. Now it's fair to say there is no love lost between these two, the brash Andros has clearly irked the more quieter Schaffmann and that might have been part of the reason he called, whatever the reason the board came:

Q T Q 6 8

Something of a suck out true but in fairness I don't think Andros can complain considering how many he has dealt out the past couple of days plus the £30,000, his biggest win to date by far, should soften the blow. That leaves us with only two players left Oliver Schaffmann (3.3 million chips) the quiet Pokerstars player and unknown quanity Andrew Couldridgea (6.2 million chips) currently channeling the spirit of Scotty Nguyen. Can he keep it up or will the Pokerstars Pro gain the momentum?

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